Ribbons & Rope Information


Ribbon Information


Rope Information

Rope must be worn on the left arm. Bimonthly rope must be worn on the right arm.

Staff Colored Ropes

Two Piece Chrome Rope- Group Commander

Chrome Rope- Vice Group Commander

Double Looped Grey Rope- Chief of Staff

Teal Rope- A1 Personnel

Purple Rope- A2 Intel and Security

Royal Blue w/ Grey Loops- A3 Operations

Green Rope- A4/A5 Mission Support and Logistics

Navy Blue Rope- A6 Info and Management

Red Rope- A7 Physical Training Commander

Scarlet Rope- A8 Resource and Finances

Grey Rope- A9 Public Affairs and Historian

Royal Blue Rope with Two Side Loops- Squadron Commanders

Navy Blue and Grey Ropes- Flight Commanders